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The history of Zasavje region is incrediby abundantly variegated, hence its heritage very rich. We will introduce you to stories of coal mining and glass-making, working-class families, by looking back and into the future. You will be able to learn about the history of coal-mining through new technologies, in both virtual and real-life nature. Moreover, you will be introduced to masters of glass-blowing, and will have a chance to visit Mount Kum, the highest location of the Forma Viva exhibition in Slovenia, a radio-television transmitter and the Church of St. Agnes.

They also have a special and recognizable industrial or residential building heritage from the time of coal mining and industrialization – the preserved industrial plants or parts of them, and housing colonies. The Zasavje region offers numerous possibilities for leisure-time activities mostly related to natural sights. In overall, we will offer you a unique tour of combination of industrial heritage and well-preserved nature.

Package itinerary

Day 1:
9:00 Guided tour of Virtual Coal Mining Museum 4th Dritl in Trbovlje
10:00 Guided tour of two miner’s flats in the Njiva miner’s colony
10:45 Typical miner’s refreshment
11:15 Drive to Hrastnik
11:30 Guided tour of the Hrastnik Glassworks
13:00 Drive to Mount Kum, guided tour of Forma Viva
13:30 Lunch at Mount Kum
15:00 Visit to the radio-television transmitter and Church of St. Agnes
16:30 End of the Tour

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