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Slovenia’s hidden gems finalists 2018

Finalist#7: Delights of Count Blagaj’s land

Not far from Ljubljana is a lovely town with an odd name that translates as Dormouse Manor, for reasons the locals can’t seem to agree on. But it boasts a handsome manor house, a spectacular church (far grander than you’d guess in such modest town), and a rich...

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Finalist#6: Hard coal and fragile glass

The history of Zasavje region is incrediby abundantly variegated, hence its heritage very rich. We will introduce you to stories of coal mining and glass-making, working-class families, by looking back and into the future. You will be able to learn about the history...

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Finalist#4: Winter Weekend in Jezersko

The white peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps rise above the valley jealously guarding its natural pearls in silence. The frozen lake invites you to put on ice-skates, the cross-country tracks running along the valley plane invite you to put on cross-country skis and the...

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Finalist#3: Tastes of Pohorje

The most beautiful stories are the result of friendship. This is when they just happen! Koroška hiša and the Guesthouse Gora pod lipo. Each on its side of the Pohorje mountain range, both created with the wish to preserve the roots, tradition and characteristics of...

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Finalist#2: Gourmet over Mura

Experience the Prekmurje region in one day! Lose yourself in the tastes of Prekmurje culinary specialties and top-quality wines of the region. Šunkarna Kodila, the winery Marof, and the Rajh restaurant have together created a culinary-tourist package called Gourmet...

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Finalist#1: Laško craft beer experience

In Laško, the confluence of the good, they were known for healing springs in the midst of intact nature along the Savinja River already during the time of ancient Romans. Today, locals are known for beer, flowers and honey, as they proudly preserve the tradition of...

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